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When deer compete for a limited food supply, they are likely to eat any plant they can find, a situation that can wreak havoc on suburban, rural and even some urban gardens. But some plants, including lantana, are not especially appealing for deer, and the animals will avoid eating them if possible. To be honest, I have never known of anything to eat nandina's or arborvitaes except bagworms for the latter. Squirrels, deer, raccoons, are among the possible culprits. If you notice new activity, sprinkle flour around the base of the plants and see if you can spot any tracks, then work on repelling or trapping them. 21/12/2019 · As charming as wild deer and bunnies may be, they can do serious damage to ornamental plants and trees. Although rabbits and deer prefer the security of forested areas, they may be driven into more settled neighborhoods by wildfires, drought, livestock grazing or population pressure. Hungry deer or rabbits will eat. Few animal pests do more landscape damage than the common deer. A typical adult deer eats between 4 and 8 pounds of food a day. In a deer’s eye, that patch of hosta and grouping of foundation azaleas you just planted are a dinner buffet. 21/12/2019 · Deer can be a joy in the landscape, but a pest in the garden. Hungry deer will eat any plant they can reach, and they especially like fir trees, hostas and English ivy plants. Planting deer-resistant shrubs can minimize browsing damage done by passing deer. These shrubs do not taste good to the deer, so they move on.

This list covers some options for deer resistant plants, organized by how frequently they are known to be damaged: “rarely” and “occasionally”. Keep in mind that a few factors can affect whether or not deer eat certain plants, and when under extreme stress from starvation deer will eat almost anything. 21/12/2019 · When planning a landscape design in deer-inhabited areas, consider choosing deer-resistant plants, trees and shrubs. Fencing a garden area rarely works because deer can jump fences of most heights. Choosing plants the animals find unpalatable offers the greatest chance at deer. 18/03/2009 · Hello campers;, Just a quick question. Has anyone ever had a problem with deer eating your clematis?. I've never had that problem but another DG'er was asking and I said I would come over here and inquire. Deer prefer the tender tips of branches where there is new growth. This can be extremely harmful to arborvitae and other plants, because it stunts the plant's development for an entire growing season. If deer eat only the tips of a branch, it will likely grow back the next year. Deer Proof / Resistant Shrubs and Bushes. Deer are often the cause of damage to shrubs by two different ways, browsing eating or rubbing or both. Damage to shrubs in a garden or landscape has become more of a problem as new homes are built in suburbs that are spreading out into the deer's.

Landscape shrubs are not the preferred food for white-tailed deer, but deer will still eat them in a pinch. During a cold winter or at other times when natural food sources are low, your landscape can be devastated by deer feeding on shrubs and small trees.

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